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You Can Learn How to Model for God…

Simple model shots of me with my hair done with the two-strand twist. As I move forward, I will show you how to get your own model shots and how to model–and move from newbie to professional.

Sorry about the green screen. I’ll likely fix that later, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy them.

More shots coming in the near future. As I learn to model for God, I’ll teach you how to too!

. . . . . .

Model Shots (Unofficial) v1 – Romans 10:2-4

In these shots I’m wearing a little lipstick for the camera. During my modeling journey, most of the time I won’t be wearing make-up. And don’t like it. I’ve never worn make-up much. And prefer to celebrate the face that God gave me. Papa God called me to teach other people that you don’t have to look perfect to model.

. . . . .

Weight, make-up, height. All of these things differ from person-to-person. And He wants to teach the world that everyone can model for God. And if He’s called you to model, you should, even if the world won’t accept you as one.He’ll make a way and show you how.

The modeling industry only recognizes certain types of people as models (legalism), and it has destroyed the world. By leading people to believing that your inner qualities don’t count in a photograph.That airbrushing away your imperfections are a better choice than what you look like shining through from the inside out.

. . . . .

I don’t condone being overweight due to addictive or idolatrous behavior. However, out of a purely physical problem, such as thyroid issues or of the like, clearly you’re not at fault.

When you begin your journey doing things for the Lord, I don’t think you should worry about trying to be perfect. And that’s what this is all about.

So, I thought I’d be the first one to start.
. . . . .

I’m not a fan of perfectionism, and I think people need room to be imperfect. πŸ™‚

Especially women, who are attacked by the devil, and often tricked into believing they need to be “perfect” all the time.

There’s no room for them to human and make mistakes anymore, or have any flaws.

The world has become very legalistic and psychopathic (life removed from life), in demanding everyone “appear” to be flawless.

. . . . .

Or putting too much make-up on, which blinds a lot of people to what real beauty looks like in various forms. And it stunts people’s growth when it comes to love. It leads men and women to bypass what attracts them to one another on a visceral level.

. . . . .

Instead of a man being able to recognize a woman is beautiful by what she does included in the picture, he only notes how attractive she is sexually with make-up on.

And he is often duped into believing this is all she is. When true beauty should factor in her complete self. Men are now being tricked into only judging skin deep.

A woman’s true beauty factors in how she lives her life, how much pride or humility she has, whether she feeds the hungry (cliche, I know but it counts. Just an example) or too selfish to care about anyone but herself.

. . . . .

Real modeling leads people to see what true love looks like. And it always leads back to God and integrity.

Sometimes make-up is necessary to tell a story in a photograph, but many times not. And used the wrong way. To hide insecurities, which should be actually people feel safe enough to share with one another.

. . . . .

Instead the people are being taught to hide their weaknesses and lie about who they are because afraid other people will not accept them. afraid to now be human.

And being groomed by the devil to think that being norm is wrong.People today are deceived into falling in lust, not love. And sadly, many have failed to lead the world in the right direction in this area. And it has destroyed many lives, many relationships.

There is so much more to modeling than people realize. A photograph can tell the right story or the wrong one. And the story attached to it can save or kill others.

. . . . .

Many men fall for women that they would not otherwise marry if the woman revealed her true face. And did not hide behind make-up to show her true worth.

If the woman was leading how God led her to lead, men would not fall prey to these mistakes. Though women are not entirely at fault, they are the leaders in this area and can change the world and save souls by being courageous enough to learn how to value who they are from the inside out and model that in a photograph.

. . . . .

Teach others what true beauty looks like.

Then men would be able to follow in her footsteps and know how to discern who they should and should not marry. Whether her values and his values align.

. . . . .

Instead of being tricked into marrying women they think they love. being tricked into overlooking what counts the most in who they spend the rest of their lives with.

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